About Twigsbury

Our Mission

To create awesome apps that make you laugh, smile, and stay up past bedtime.

Twigsbury is a publisher of family-friendly books, games, and lifestyle apps.

At Twigsbury, we are inspired by the potential of mobile media to delight and educate in new and immersing ways. We enjoy how new technologies allow us to build tactile, interactive experiences that stimulate the senses. We crave opportunities to craft something unique and innovative. But mostly, we love to create fun stuff that makes our kids, our friends, and our families smile.

Our Partners

Kersten Brothers

At an early age Rick and Pete Kersten realized that they had a wonderful gift. They could draw pictures that made people laugh. Over the years their talents and expertise have spanned such fields as illustration and writing for children's books, cartooning, owning and operating gift stores, painting, sculpting, advertising and art direction for television.

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Our Team

Brian Tharp

Founder & Principal

For over 15 years, Brian has employed his diverse background in Design and Technology to craft online experiences for companies big and small.

In 2007, Brian cofounded ZENxd, a user experience design firm in the Silicon Valley, where he currently helps companies hatch, nurture, and perfect their products and services.

Brian studied Fine Art at ASU. And, as the former owner of the Gaslighter Theater, has a background producing, directing, and performing in vintage style melodrama and vaudeville productions.

What is Twigsbury?

"Twigsbury is a place where great ideas are born. It's where the lines of work and play blur, and the joy of creating something truly unique is realized."

When not working, Brian...

Plays with his wife and 2 daughters, walks his Beagles, hikes, runs, golfs poorly, longs for a tennis match, listens to music, watches PBS mysteries, and obsesses about skiing.

Bill Daggett

Founder & Principal

Bill began his career in the mid-90's, when he started his first design consultancy in Ashland, Oregon. Having graduated from Southern Oregon University with a degree in Art and Graphic Design, he was drawn to the new and exciting field of "web design". Following this passion to the Silicon Valley, Bill made a career designing interactive experiences for a variety of online companies.

When Bill cofounded ZENxd in 2007 experience design was going mobile. With the advent of smart-phones and tablet devices, creative opportunities expanded exponentially. Bill continues to help companies imagine and evolve their web and mobile experiences, and also expresses his creativity and passion through Twigsbury.

What is Twigsbury?

"Twigsbury is where imagination and creativity are the guiding principles, where the sky is the limit, where work becomes play and amazing things can happen."

When not working, Bill...

Spends time with his wife and two kids, plays frisbee golf poorly, avoids tennis matches, enjoys live music, plays guitar, longs to be a rockstar and dreams of powder days at Lake Tahoe.

Wendy Tharp

Product Marketing & Finance

Wendy is the "Swiss Army Knife" of Twigsbury, utilizing her years of experience in child development, education, marketing, and finance.

When not working, Wendy...

Quilts, crafts, volunteers at her kids school, thinks about exercise, and sings.

Boy can she sing!

Dave Stewart


Dave is one part farmer, two parts mad scientist. Born in Scotland, Dave left his family farm to explore a world of art, music, and math. After landing in America, Dave honed his skills for several years building numerous Flash and Flex programs, 2D and 3D games, and a dozen mobile apps.

When not working, Dave...

Relaxes with his wife and 2 boys , does his chores, bangs on a piano, twangs a guitar, builds crazy things, takes them apart, and (as a former pro snowboarder) frequents the slopes.